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Coating process

Coatings are subcontracted through Partners with a long know-how in 10,6um wave length.

Focus lenses:
Lenses are coated both sides, with anti reflection coating, for 10,6um and AOI = 0°.

Podeo offers:

On both cases, our coatings are “thorium free”; our coatings are non radioactive.

Beside, this coating uses an IAD process (Ion Assistance deposition); as a result, coating is stronger, and cleaning operations are easier.

Total reflectors:
Mirrors are coated 1 side with R Max coating, for 10,6um and AOI = 45° Reflexion > 99,8% Our coatings are wellknown for their hardness; so that, cleaning operations are easier!

Phase retarders:
Mirrors are coated 1 side, with reflexion > 98%, for 10,6um and AOI = 45°