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Reflector mirror

You are looking for the manufacture of a reflector mirror? Discover PO.DE.O services, your specialist in optics for laser.

Laser reflector mirror

A reflector mirror is used to transport the laser beam to the lens while avoiding a maximum energy loss. To ensure their effectiveness, these mirrors are usually manufactured with copper or silicon. In addition, for ease of maintenance, we advise you to choose reflector mirrors with "cured" treatment like those we offer.

Your reflector mirror manufactured by PO.DE.O is polished and treated on one side. We will apply a treatment called "R max" with an incidence of 45 ° and a reflection higher than 99.5%.

Your manufacturer of reflector mirror

PO.DE.O is a French company specialized in the manufacture of optical laser and precision optics. Thanks to their long experience in companies authoritative on the market, our teams are able to offer you reflector mirrors of very high quality. Our products comply with ISO process 100% controlled.

Contact us now for making your reflector mirror & precision optic for laser!

Reflector mirror. See also: polarized mirror, optic infrared, precision optics manufacturing