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Molybdenum is a chemical compound that does not exist in nature. It is only found in nature in the form of lead molybdate and molybdenum sulfide crystal.

Optical properties of molybdenum crystal

Molybdenum has unique mechanical and chemical properties, which makes it a unique material that can meet the highest demands. He also has a very high level of purity.

Whether optical or any other field; molybdenum crystal has a real advantage that makes it versatile. It features include:

Precision optics manufacturing in molybdenum

Outcomes of companies authoritative in the marketplace, our teams have extensive experience in manufacturing and polishing of molybdenum optical. From prototype to series PO.DE.O will thus be able to make all your precision optics in molybdenum crystal.

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Molybedenum. See also: caf2 in optics, bk7 windows, amtir glass, germanium lenses