Diaporama 1 Prisme en Si Hublots en Ge et Si Lentilles de focalisation en ZnSe - Miroirs de renvoi en Si - Miroirs de déphasage en Si

Using ZnS in optics

ZnS is wellknown as a material used from visible to infrared applications. PO.DE.O can offer polishing of your ZnS windows and lenses, coated or uncoated.

PO.DE.O, polishing ZnS

Send your resquests and speicifications to PO.DE.O; we'll respond in short terms and under confidentiality. Our team can offer the best offer for polished ZnS optics, coated or uncoated.

Through our great experienced team, we can offer ZnS optics, from prototypes to series.

Don't hesit to contact us for your polished ZnS optics!

ZnS. See also : zinc selenide, silicon lenses, germanium windows, bk7 optics, silica lenses, caf2 optics, spherical lens, cylindrical lens, windows manufacturinglens polishing