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Cylindrical lens manufacturer

You are looking for cylindrical lenses? Discover PO.DE.O, your specialist in cylindrical lens manufacturing.

Our expertise in the cylindrical lenses

A cylindrical lens has a different meaning depending on whether the rays propagate in a plane perpendicular to a plane containing or a generator.

In the first case, your cylindrical lens behaves like a conventional lens with axial symmetry. In the second case, the beam will not be deflected as it behaves like a window.

Whether you want a prototype or series, rest assured that PO.DE.O mastered the process of manufacturing cylindrical lens.

Our expert team and our efficient equipment allows us to respond to your request in a more timely than reasonable.

Your manufacturer of cylindrical lens

Installed in Eguilles, near Aix en Provence, our company specialized in manufacturing cylindrical lens  is able to respond to your request as soon as possible, at the best price and confidentially.

To ensure the highest cylindrical lenses quality , we buy our raw materials from suppliers authoritative on the market.

Contact us now for your needs in manufacturing cylindrical lens !

Cylindrical lens manufacturer. See also: ZnS cylindrical lens, Germanium sphero-cylindrical lens, windows optics, windows optical, spherical lens, spherical lenses