Diaporama 1 Prisme en Si Hublots en Ge et Si Lentilles de focalisation en ZnSe - Miroirs de renvoi en Si - Miroirs de déphasage en Si

Optical window polishing

Are you looking for a company whose optical windows polishing is the specialty ? PO.DE.O is an expert in precision optics.

Polishing windows: raw material

Whatever is the raw material (ZnS, ZnSe, BK7, Amtir, Fluorite, CaF2, Germanium, Silica, or silicon), we will be able to provide the necessary polish to your optical window.

Optical window polishing: Your specialist in polishing

Our French window polishing company  consists of an expert team from different companies authoritative precision optics. We are able to meet your polishing windows needs as soon as possible and at the best price. By using PO.DE.O, be sure your application will remain confidential.

Contact now your specialist polishing window !

Optical windows polishing. See also:  spherical lenses, manufacturing of prism, optical windows manufacturer, cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses manufacturer, infrared optics