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Silica is the natural form of silicon dioxide, SiO2.

The advantages of fused silica in optics

Transparent throughout the visible spectrum, the silica is a material which has interesting applications in optics. However the transparency disappears in ultraviolet and infrared. In these cases it is better to opt for another material.

For example, instead use the fused silica or fused quartz, which are a family of very hard glass, transparent and with excellent optical properties. Due to its purity, silica has thermal and optical properties better than other types of glass. Fused silica, or quartz silica, is transparent over a wide range of wavelengths: deep ultraviolet to infrared.

Your optical manufacturer in silica

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Silica. See also: caf2, molybdenum, fluorite, amtir, zerodur, ir optical, spherical lens, cylindrical lenses, optical windows manufacturing, lens polishing, polishing window