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You want to manufacture germanium lenses? PO.DE.O is a manufacturer of precision optics: lens, prism, windows ...

Manufacturing Germanium optics

Germanium (Ge) is mainly used for lenses and windows in the infrared imaging fields. Its high refractive index allows Germanium to be the ideal material for imaging systems. In addition, Germanium is inert and quite hard from a mechanical point of view.

PO.DE.O, your Germanium optics manufacturer

PO.DE.O buys raw material from wellknown suppliers. PO.DE.O is a French company specialized in manufacturing precision optics, and for example Germanium spherical lenses or Germanium cylindrical lenses and Germanium windows.

An antireflection coating is generally applied on Germanium optics.

Do not hesit to contact us ofr your germanium optics!

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