Diaporama 1 Prisme en Si Hublots en Ge et Si Lentilles de focalisation en ZnSe - Miroirs de renvoi en Si - Miroirs de déphasage en Si

Precision optics

You are looking for precision optics? Discover PO.DE.O services, your company in France specializing in optics manufacturing.

Our precision optics manufacturing services

Our company offers you a wide choice of precision optics that can be manufactured in prototype or series. We carry both spherical and cylindrical lenses but also windows, prisms and reflector mirrors for example. From our work, you will find particular prisms BK7, portholes Ge or windows ZnS.

Our optical company works both for manufacturing and for polishing and surface treatment of your lenses. By using our services, you will enjoy interlocutors able to advise you to apply the most suitable to your precision optics and your needs.

Your precision optics manufacturer in France

PO.DE.O is a French company specialized in precision optics. Our team comes from companies authoritative on the market. So it has a long experience in manufacturing and polishing of optics. Localized Eguilles, near Aix-en-Provence, we work for both companies based in France and internationally.

By using the services of our company for precision optics manufacturing, you will have a team at your disposal and a high reactivity. Depending on your specifications, we will also be able to answer you as soon as possible, at the best price and most confidentially.

Contact us now for precision optics manufacturing!

Precision optics. See also: polarized mirror manufacturing, reflector mirror manufacturer, optical infrared