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Polarizing mirror

You are looking for a manufacturer of polarizing mirror? Discover PO.DE.O's services, your specialist in precision optics.

Polarized mirror & Optics for laser

A polarizing mirror is generally used to transform the linear polarization of a laser beam into a circularly polarized. This transformation allows a homogenous cut on all axes. To make a polarizing mirror, silicon or copper are preferred for their properties.

Polarizing mirrors manufactured by PO.DE.O are polished and treated on one side. They undergo treatment which provides reflection greater than 98% with an incidence of 45° and a phase delay of about 90°. We are able to meet your needs in polarizing mirrors but also focusing lenses and other optical laser.

Manufacturing of polarizing mirror

Based in Eguilles near Aix en Provence, PO.DE.O is a company specialized in the manufacture of polarizing mirror and other precision optics. We are able to manufacture the most integrated optical in CO2 lasers on the market (Bystronic, Mazak, Trumpf ...).

Our company has a team experienced in manufacturing of polarized mirror. Before exercising in PO.DE.O, they all participated in the production of optical in various companies authoritative on the market. Each of our products is 100% controlled under ISO process and enjoys a very high quality.

Contact us now for making your polarizing mirrors!

Polarizing mirror. See also: reflecting mirror, infrared optics laser, spherical lens