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Infrared optical

Infrared optics are optical high-resolution with low distortion.

The infrared optical design

Infrared optics can be used for many applications: low light imaging, inspection of solar cells or semiconductors, electronic inspection, etc. Depending on the application, the infrared optics can be either reflective or refractive, or consist of a combination of mirrors and lenses.

The selected materials are used to limit the spectral area of use. The choice of materials used for the manufacture of optical infrared is an important step. Please note that we buy our raw materials from suppliers authoritative on the market to guarantee you high quality products.

Your specialist in infrared optics

PO.DE.O is a French company specializing in the manufacture of precision optics such as infrared optics. Our team consists of experts from companies authoritative on the market of precision optics. In addition, our equipment allows us to guarantee the production of optical infrared under ISO process: high quality manufacture and 100% controlled.

By using the services of PO.DE.O for your infrared optical you will benefit from attractive prices while benefiting from experts at your disposal and showing a high reactivity.

Contact now your expert in infrared optical!

Infrared optics. See also: polishing of window, optic reflector mirror, spherical lenses design, precision optics, polarized mirror optic, fluorite lenses, mirrors for CO2 engraving lasers