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Spherical lens polishing

PO.DE.O in the process of manufacturing the spherical lens makes materials polishing such as ZnS - ZnSe - Silicon - Germanium - BK7 - Fluorine-Silica - Zerodur - Amtir - CaF2.

With optimal spherical lens polishing, the expert in precision optics process from prototype to series production your spherical lens.

Principle of polishing spherical lenses

With advanced equipment, PODEO formats your spherical lens in accordance with the standards and deadlines, this is by em>polishing spherical lens with precision accuracy in accordance with the forms that are stable in the long term.

In accordance with ISO standards, you PO.DE.O manufactures your spherical lenses with maximum accuracy.

You want information about our polishing spherical lens?

Contact PO.DE.O specialist in precision optics & lens polishing !

Spherical lens polishing. See also:  spherical lens manufacturer, manufacturing of optical windows, cylindrical lenses, optical windows