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ZnSe - Zinc Selenide Optics

ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) is the most used material for infrared applications, due to its very large transmission band (0.6 to 20 microns).

Regarding its high quality, ZnSe is used for spherical and cylindrical lenses, windows and prisms, notably for high power IR lasers, measurements, medical and military applications...

Manufacturing ZnSe focal lenses

PO.DE.O optics assures a production of spherical and cylindrical lenses according to ISO processes. PO.DE.O uses ZnSe for its transmission qualities in order to aim laser beam on the cutting or engraving area.

In addition, PO.DE.O uses a high quality anti reflection coating, and consequently, offers the best quality optics!

Important: anti reflection coatings on ZnSe lenses are not radioactive.

Do you need more informations about our ZnSe optics?

Do not hesit to contact PO.DE.O, your ZnSe precision optics manufacturer!

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