Diaporama 1 Prisme en Si Hublots en Ge et Si Lentilles de focalisation en ZnSe - Miroirs de renvoi en Si - Miroirs de déphasage en Si

Manufacturing precision optics, from prototypes to series

You have specifications ? We have the know-how!

Supplied materials

Podeo buys raw materials from well-known and healthy financed Suppliers.

Polishing process

It requires high technical skills to polish “made to measure” precision optics, from VIS to far IR.

Podeo has these technical skills and control equipments to produce your specific optics, and specially made of: ZnS – ZnSe – Silicon – Germanium – BK7 – Silica – Fluorine – Zerodur – Amtir – CaF2 Please, contact us for other materials.

At present, Podeo only deals in polishing:

Spherical – Cylindrical – Windows – Half moon optics.

We currently guarantee:
  • Flatness up to λ/10 at 633nm (for spherical optics) and up to λ/20 at 633nm (for flat optics)
  • RMS at λ/80-100 at 633nm
  • Polishing quality up to 20/10 scratch & dig
Please, contact us for other specifications.

We polish your optics under ISO process, so that we can guarantee:

  • The reliability of our organization
  • The total traceability of each optic we manufacture: we supply certificates for material and optical specifications .


Podeo subcontracts coatings through a Partners network. We chose these companies, depending on their equipments and their specialization per wave lengths. So, do not hesit to contact us to choose the best coating your optics need regarding your application, from VIS to far IR.

General technical specifications:

For other specifications, thank you to contact us.