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Optics for CO2 engraving lasers (lenses – mirrors – output windows)

Podeo heavily supplies optics for engraving CO2 lasers, such as ZnSe lenses, Silicon total reflectors, ZnSe output windows.

For example, Podeo manufactures:

Podeo guarantees a 40/20 scratch& dig polishing, and all our coating meet MIL norms for abrasion - humidity – adhesion;

Our coatings are wellknown too for their excellent transmission / absorption % or reflection %.

Do not hesit to contact us with your own specifications for your optics for CO2 engraving lasers!

Optics for CO2 engraving lasers. See also: ZnSe sphero cylindrical lens, Germanium cylindrical lenses, optical windows, ZnSe window, ZnS output windows