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Cylindrical lenses ZnSe – ZnS – Germanium

Podeo is a well-known French company, in the field of precision optics. We commonly manufacture cylindrical lenses, made of ZnSe, ZnS or Germanium.

We accept diameters from 10,0mm, with concave or convex radius.

For the moment, we mainly manufacture plano/concave and plano convex cylindrical lenses.

Podeo can guarantee a polishing with 40/20 scratch & dig quality and a tolerance on radius better than +/-0,5%

Podeo can supply cylindrical optics, coated or uncoated.

We accept programs from prototypes to series.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your own specifications for your cylindrical lenses made of ZnSe, ZnS or Germanium!

Germanium, ZnS & ZnSe Cylindrical lens. See also: Sphero-cylindrical lenses, Optics for CO2 engraving lasers, ZnSe lenses, cylindrical ZnS lens, Germanium lens