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Sphero-cylindrical lenses ZnSe – ZnS – Germanium

Podeo is a well-known French company, in the field of precision optics. We manufacture sphero-cylindrical lenses in ZnSe, ZnS or Germanium.

For a big engraving CO2 laser Manufacturer, Podeo polishes very special lenses made of ZnSe: one side has spherical radius, while the opposite side has cylindrical radius.

Podeo offers a polishing with 40/20 scratch & dig quality.

Tolerances on radius are better than +/-0,5%

This Customer needs two sets of such lenses: 1 set with diameter 12,7mm and another set with diameter 19,05mm.

These lenses are coated AR/AR for 10,6um.

This program represents around 1000 optics per year.

Podeo can offer such lenses made of ZnS and Germanium too.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your own specifications for your sphero-cylindrical lenses made of ZnSe, ZnS or Germanium!

Sphero-cylindrical lenses ZnSe, ZnS & Germanium. See also: cylindrical lenses, mirrors for CO2 engraving lasers, cylindrical ZnSe lenses, Germanium lenses, ZnS lenses